Acute, Chronic, & Elusive Pain

Do you have low back pain that won’t go away?  Can’t sleep?  Can’t function?  Can’t enjoy life in general?  Are you simply tired of being in pain all the time?  And let’s face it, munching on pills all day long is no way to live…and it destroys your organs!  There are a multitude of reasons that chronic and/or elusive pain can exist; anything from an acute injury to long-term stress can cause pain.  Millions of people just like you suffer through life with their pain, keeping it around like a pet!  It doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

An example…
In many cases, chronic pain starts with a traumatic insult or injury of some kind…say, that day you threw out your shoulder while playing football back in high school, or that time a few years ago when you went to grab your suitcase from the carousel at the airport, and wrenched your back.  When it happened, it hurt a little, but got really bad the next day.  You took some aspirin or Tylenol or that extra Vicodin you had lying around, and after a few days, the pain went away and you forgot about it; but, every time it rained, you sure felt it.  Now, you’re a few years older, with more responsibilities; you have kids and obligations and a hectic schedule…and a lot of stress.  The pain you had mostly forgotten about is now with you all the time.  You’ve also started to notice that other things, little things, that shouldn’t bother you, do!   Not only do small pains like stubbing your toe seem like much bigger deals than they used to, noises irritate you, smells irritate you, other people’s opinions irritate you, your own children irritate you…and so on.  Unfortunately, in our society, this is where many people are at, and it’s becoming an epidemic…and ACCEPTED!

Functional Chiropractic goes beyond simply putting bones back where they go; it assesses a patient’s neurological function as it relates to pain control.  In a perfect world, part of your brain’s job is dampen pain; but when you’re under stress, your brain gets lazy, and won’t (or can’t) function properly.  Using Functional Chiropractic adjusting techniques, advanced neurological adjusting techniques and brain strengthening exercises, Dr. Sweeney can help to restore proper brain function, and help to put you on a more even keel.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most drivers, at some point in their travels, will be involved in a motor vehicle accident, car wreck, or crash; whatever you wish to call it.  Most instances are relatively benign; you backed into someone at the mall, a little minor damage, and all was well.  Others are less fortunate, and their mishap is bit more severe. In any case, you were injured; whether you knew it, or not!

An injury during a motor vehicle accident isn’t necessarily evident.  You may not have been taken away by an ambulance, but your neck was a little stiff the next day, you took a painkiller, got a massage, and dismissed it; or, you didn’t notice anything at all, but in a few years you’re gonna feel it.

An example…
Your head weighs about as much as a bowling ball.  If all of your muscles are functioning correctly and are stable, your head is relatively weightless on your neck and shoulders, and is quite secure.  Unfortunately, most people don’t fall into this category, and any little unanticipated movement can shift the weight of your head and cause serious trauma to the muscles and tissues holding it up.  When you’re involved in even a minor accident, this is exactly what happens…it’s called an Acceleration/Deceleration Injury, commonly known as “whiplash”.

Functional Chiropractic care following an accident of any magnitude, can work to stabilize the affected area; this helps to reduce any immediate pain and discomfort, while allowing the body the ability to start the repair process.  Seeing a Chiropractic Doctor is crucial after an accident because these types of conditions don’t just go away, these injuries will hang around, and intensify.  As time goes on, it gets more difficult to treat not only the original problem, but any additional conditions that the injury has progressed into also become harder to manage and cope with.

After any accident, it’s usually a pretty good idea to immediately visit an urgent care or emergency room or your family M.D. in order to rule out anything of a life-threatening nature.

We accept most auto insurance PIP claims!
In case you aren’t aware, most auto insurance policy’s carry what is known as Personal Injury Protection or “PIP” coverage.  Your PIP coverage is designed to pay for some initial medical expenses (such as Functional Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy) after a motor vehicle accident.  Most PIP plans pay for between $2500 and $5000 of care per person in the vehicle at the time of the accident, depending on your policy.  This coverage is shared between any health care providers you see about your accident who wish to file medical bills against your PIP, so the sooner you see us after an accident, the more care you can receive on the insurance company’s dime!…you’re already paying for it anyway.

Other Types of Accidents

As with a Motor Vehicle Accident, recovery from other kinds of accidents can benefit from Functional Chiropractic Care as well.  Traumatic insults & injuries take their toll; the mechanism might be different, but the effect on the body is pretty much the same.  Much like a dental cavity, once a problem exists, it doesn’t just go away; it takes a professional to fix it, or it will just get worse and worse.

Types of “Physical” Traumatic Insults & Injuries we can support:

Sports & Athletics

  • Gymnastics / Cheerleading / Dancing
  • Skydiving
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Football, Basketball, Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Full-contact chess
  • Martial Arts
  • Jogging
  • Volleyball
  • Extreme shopping
  • Fishing
  • …and so on

Bending / Flexing / Stretching
Carrying heaving objects (boxes, weights, your backpack!)
Yard work
Falls (ladders, bicycles, stairs, water, etc)

If you can name it (or even if you can’t), we can probably work with it!

Note: Although, we can certainly treat injures sustained in the workplace, we are not affiliated with any Worker’s Comp programs.

But really, prevention is the name of the game!  Regular Functional Chiropractic Care may not save you from yourself, but it surely can help improve your chances of coming out of your predicament with fewer injuries.

Sports, Athletics, & Athletes

Do you want a competitive edge?

If you do anything physical…and yes, I DO mean anything, you need to be under Functional Chiropractic Care.

It is critically important that anyone who engages in athletic-type activities be under regular Functional Chiropractic Care for a multitude of reasons.  It’s mostly about balance, stability, and coordination, but to put a finer point on it, it’s really all about brain function.

One of the many jobs of your brain is to control muscle tone.  In a perfect world, under normal conditions, the brain acts as a balance between muscles being tight and loose; the brain maintains a happy medium between the two.  When you want to move your arm, the brain will act to contract a set of muscles on one side of your body, while relaxing the muscles on the opposite side; when this is working correctly, you can flex your biceps.  If this mechanism was not in place, you would either not be able to move your arm at all, or your arm would be stuck in one position while the muscles battled It out.

When we are put under stress, our brain is sometimes so busy dealing with everything associated that stress, that it sort of looses track of what it’s supposed to be doing, and fails to maintain the balance.  The muscles on one side of the body are allowed to be contracted just enough to throw the balance off, and this is where your injuries happen.  And let’s face it, athletics, and competition in general, are very stressful.

Your body doesn’t like to be improperly balanced; in fact, your eyes like to be level with the horizon.  You may not notice a difference, but your brain sure does, and it will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.  Your brain will start to compensate for the imbalance by recruiting other muscles to keep the body where the brain thinks it should be; a “snowball effect” begins.  One thing leads to another, and pretty soon, your pelvis is torqued, your knees feel unstable and they hurt, your leg muscles are all knotted up, your feet start to hurt, your low back begins to ache, you start to throw out you shoulders, you get headaches…and so on.

Here’s an example…
You’re a football player; even if you’re the best in the game, you know you’re gonna take a hit and go down.  If you are regularly adjusted, completely balanced, and your stability and coordination are intact, you’re still gonna take the hit, but you’re more likely to just fall over without sustaining any major damage.  If, on the other hand, you are not regularly adjusted, and your balance, stability, and coordination are less than optimal, you won’t just go down, you will crumple on the side of brain weakness…and you’ll get hurt because your muscles weren’t balanced and able to protect you.

Did You Know…
Every time a football player gets tackled, the effect on his body is basically the same as being involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Why is all of this so important? Because, it applies to anyone who engages in physical activity. No, a ballet dancer is not likely to be staring down a defensive lineman, but when she attempts a pirouette (one of those dancer spinny things), goes to plant her foot for stability, and her leg muscles aren’t balanced and strong, if she doesn’t fall, she’s surely going to twist an ankle or blow out an ACL.  Or, how about that full contact sport of golf?  Yes, golfers have the same risk factors because they rely on pelvic torque and rotation for power.  If their balance, coordination, and stability are off, their score will go up because their swing will be off due to the imbalance, and they’re more likely to injure themselves during the swing.

Pick an activity, any activity, and the rules are still the same:
Gymnastics / Cheerleading / Dance
Martial Arts
Football / Basketball / Baseball
Rock Climbing
Sex…Yes, I said sex!

Sex is quite physical; and I guess that some might consider it a sport?  The rules still apply.  Sex is very physically demanding, and let’s face it, many people who engage in sex aren’t in shape, let alone athletic; imagine the number of sprains & strains and other injuries sustained during sex that never get talked about.  Balance, stability, and coordination along with strength, are all important, and if brain function is not optimal, you’re chances of injury increase, and you’ll most likely feel it the next day…and I’m not talk’n in a good way.  Now, it’s certainly not the same as being in a car wreck, but you still don’t need the sort of damage and irritation to your system.

Now, we’ve only been talking about the musculoskeletal aspect of the body, we haven’t even begun to discuss the rest of the body as it relates to brain function and athletics.  You have an entire cardiovascular system that is controlled by the brain.  You have lungs, kidneys, a liver, a spleen, and a few other things in there as well, that all rely on proper brain function to work.  The human body is a vast rabbit hole of complex processes and systems, that takes about ten years to learn, and a lifetime to master.  We’re here to be your guides…your “coaches” when it comes to not only protecting yourself, but also gaining a competitive edge.

A special note about youth sports

Parents; please be careful with any child you have in any athletics.  A human body under the age of 25 years is not fully developed, and is wide open to injury.  Many of the injuries we see in children are due to this lack of development; they’re simply not able to perform the tasks that adults expect of them.

For example…
These little twelve year-old gymnasts with low back pain; children should not ever have low back pain! The issue in question is that these young athletes are being asked to do things that their bodies aren’t capable of doing yet.  When they are asked to flex and bend as a gymnast, they must use a group of internal muscles which aren’t designed to support these movements.  The core muscles that are designed for these actions, aren’t strong enough yet.  The strain is simply too much for their bodies to handle, and injuries occur.  The same holds true for the JV Football players; even though some of them are pretty big, they simply haven’t developed the core muscles needed for the riggers of the game.  It’s not a question of working out more, it’s a question of letting your children grow up, and allowing their bodies to develop on schedule; let’s worry about toning the correct muscles when it’s time.

As a side note, children under age 25 should not be lifting weights!  Their shoulder musculature isn’t developed enough to handle the weight loads.

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