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We watch the medical landscape just as closely as everyone else does. There is a host of interesting and potentially vital information out there that both our current and perspective patients ask us about. We will do our very best to bring you the most current and accurate information.

Chronic Infection symptoms can surface in winter or under stress

Chronic Infection, Autoimmune Disease… Or Both?

“I’ve had this cold/flu thing forever and it just won’t away.” Does this sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone.  This is one of the most common concerns I hear, especially at this time of year. The question is, what is it?  What’s going on? A Lingering Chronic Infection? On one hand, it could be…

Dementia risk can be screened with lab testing

5 Simple Screenings For Early Dementia

Imagine that some of the simple, everyday laboratory tests your doctor orders might actually be useful as early Alzheimer’s Disease / dementia screening tools.  And it’s true!  They can be.  Most conventional doctors aren’t aware of this.  However, you can use them to your advantage!  They can alert you to trouble ahead. Several lab tests may…

7 Ways to boost your brain health

7 Ways To Boost Brain Health

Brain health is one of the most common concerns we’ve heard from our patients.  Of course, they probably don’t realize it.  They mention symptoms such as depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and problems with focus and memory.  These are all symptoms of poor brain health.  They may even be signs of Alzheimer’s Disease or other…


November Is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month!

The month of November became known as Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month in 1983.  Its campaign, Go Purple For A Purpose, also includes those who fill caretaking roles for people with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  At the time, the number of people known to have AD totaled less than 2 million, affecting less than 1% of the…

High Cholesterol? It Might Be Your Thyroid!

“My primary doctor says my cholesterol is too high, and he wants to put me on a statin drug.” That primary doctor, however, did not look further.  He did not see that our patient is also gaining weight, losing her hair, and dreading the upcoming winter chill because her hands and feet turn to icicles.…

Adrenal Fatigue, Adrenal Stress, and Healing Them Naturally

Most people have heard the terms “adrenal fatigue” and “adrenal stress”.  Sometimes, these two terms get combined under one umbrella term known as “adrenal dysfunction”.  However, fewer people have a clear understanding of the difference between adrenal fatigue and adrenal stress.  Many use them interchangeably; this is not exactly correct. Functional Medicine offers a fantastic…

How To Explain Functional Medicine To Anyone

How To Explain Functional Medicine To Anyone

To appreciate what Functional Medicine can do, we like to use an analogy which everyone in Texas can relate to: a building, its foundation, the soil underneath, what happens when the foundation shifts, and the various repair options available.


The Legend Behind the Logo

At first glance, it might seem cliché: a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, a common choice of insignia for a healthcare clinic. However, with a second glance and on second thought, one can clearly see that it’s a little different from the rest. It’s not your typical Phoenix. And that’s because we’re not your typical…

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss, Part Two

Weight gain has been a bane of our existence in our current society. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re trying to follow all the rules and do everything right. Well, sometimes it’s not as simple as counting your calories or spending hours in the gym. In the last post,I mentioned three major reasons why someone would…